Anna Johanna (Hannah) Nielsen: Grandma Brown and the Chicken Coop

Grandma Brown told us many stories when we were kids.  One story that I remember her telling us was about the chicken coop.  One night Grandpa Brown was out of town on business and Grandma was home alone with the kids.  As she was working around the house, it was getting late and she heard a noise outside.  She opened the door and could hear a noise in the chicken coop.  She lit the coal oil lantern and went outside.  She then went over to the chicken coop, which was a short distance from the house.  Grandma could hear the chickens squaking and flying around.  She walked up to the door to look inside the coop, and as she touched the door handle a hand was placed on top of her hand to prevent her from opening the door.  This frightened her and she dropped the lantern and ran back to the house.  The next morning she went out to the chicken coop and looked inside.  It was a mess.  Several dead chickens were lying around.  She said that there had been a wild animal in the coop and had she gone in the night before it might have injured or killed her.  She then said how thankful she was for her protection that night.

                                   Roger B. Chidester

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