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Autobiography of Adell Christensen Brown with biographical notes added by her husband Arnon

May 24, 1959 – Today is Cathy’s birthday. I have been going to start my life history for such a long time. So today I thought I would get started. I was born Feb 18, 1893 at Monroe, Seveir Co., Utah. Of all the months in the year, why should it be February? Never could have a birthday party. It was always too cold or too much snow. We had a lot of snow then. My Father and Mother were […]

John Worthen’s Autobiography

John Worthen, son of Richard Worthen and Mary Cowap, his lawful wife according to the laws of England, was born 22 July 1817, in the town of Northwich, Cheshire, England. Being of a nervous sanguine and bilious temperment with rather a preponderance of the bilious, which physiologist say give greather strengt and activity of the mild. In my boyish days I was called a good quiet boy. But according to my own recollection, I know that energy and a determination […]

Rocena Platt Chidester: Personal Record

The following personal record is found in Rocena’s Book of Remembrance: Name in full: PLATT, Rocena Father’s name: PLATT, Walter Lysle Mother’s Maiden name: CAMPBELL, Alice When born: 29 Mar 1931 Where born: Kanarraville, Iron, Utah When blessed: 3 May 1931 By whom: PLATT, John William When baptized: 3 Sep 1939 Where baptized: Cedar First and Fifth Ward House – Cedar City, Iron, Utah Baptized by: WILLIAMS, Preston P. When confirmed: 10 Sept 1939 By whom: WILLIAMS, Wells A. Married […]